Doug Danforth Design is a sole proprietorship, with one artisan, me, working for you on your commission(s). What this is saying is, I take only the workload that I alone might fulfill. I will not show up to give the estimate and then never be seen again, leaving a subordinate solely to fulfill the agreement(s). My estimates are based on what I am responsible to perform for the completion of the contract. Any other artisans/associates brought in for contribution to the commission are agreed upon before contracting the work(s), or are involved at the expense of Doug Danforth Design. I will not work multiple jobs simultaneously, and become seemingly uninvolved with my commitment to you.  In exchange for my focus with your project, however, I must have your financial attention.

My fees are based upon more than what happens when I commence work at site. For most every job, there is an impressive amount of preparatory work performed prior: Design research - library or web, photo or historical documentation; multiple visitations to site; purchasing of materials - reference, preparatory and artistic; physical locationing and scheduling in relation to other commitments; research and procurement of necessary equipment/supplies; equipment and tool rentals; communication - local or long distance - with involved parties; and of course the always enjoyed, paper/computer work.

For these reasons, there are merely a few, but very necessary, business requirements:

  1. Setting a commencement date and calendar block of time will not be done without a deposit.

  1. Deposit is based upon an initial estimate, and set at one half (50%) of that amount (bid).

                                                 - or -

  1. Deposit is based on one week’s compensation(s), and subsequent installation payments are made at forty-hour increments (hourly), in advance. Short-term projects (one week or less) may allow half that amount as a deposit, with agreement between the involved parties.

  1. Later additions/changes to the project estimate (if working on an estimate-based work) -- work load, materials, or time -- if amounting to more than 20% of the original funding estimate, the resulting financial change (or a deposit of that amount) will be applied to the contractor before resuming the work. 

  1. Cancellations made 72 hours (three days) or less of planned commencement date will forfeit half the paid deposit – or -- fair compensation for time/material expense already invested, whichever is greater. Should the work then resume at a later date, the original money posted will be applied toward the total estimate, less compensations for any labor/fees expended in the client’s behalf in the meantime.

  1. Final payment(s) will be made to contractor, Doug Danforth, at the completion of the work. Failed checks will be subject to a fifty-dollar fee, plus compensation(s) for any related check fees/penalties Doug Danforth incurs as a result, and any legal expenses necessary to retrieve funds.

Click here to download a PDF (Portable Document Format) file of the Terms and Agreements

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