Personal Commitment:  My ultimate goal is to render a product of satisfaction for my client. I humbly consider myself a 'provider of dreams,' one who might create in reality what was envisioned in the mind. I prefer not to do a specific design more than once, giving each client a unique and singular work of art.


FEES: Job/project fee assessments are most economically applied utilizing weekly compensations plus materials (rather than under an estimate bid situation), containing an average compensation of $1700 per week for my single involvement, and conditional fees for a two-person team (myself and assistant, usually +$200/day). The following information may prove helpful in understanding how the fee for a bid job or project is estimated, should that compensation option be utilized.

Faux Finishes: Most finishes range from 5 to 15 dollars per square foot; and murals generally range from 12 to 30 dollars per square foot.  Factors that will contribute to the determination of the project fees depend on travel times, work surface location (access) and texture, masking and finish; as well as medium and detail (such as custom-ordered items: metal leaf; metal powders; rare/expensive color paints and glazes; high-detail elements such as faux mosaic, faux leaded glass or faux animal print; and other miniscule and difficult masking and finishing requirements).

Custom Furniture: Weekly rates are not normally available. Compensation for custom furniture, antique restoration and finish carpentry is billed at $50 per hour; with materials/supplies, pick-up and delivery billed separately.

Travel/out of town: Travel time to work site/meeting site exceeding sixty minutes round-trip is billed as work or consultation time. Out-of-town projects that require lodging will be billed a minimum $150/day additional compensation; plus airfare, baggage, and ground transportation/travel expenses and travel time as necessary.

Consultation: Client consultations are billed at $50/hr with $100 minimum for each home/location visit.  See above for travel.

Deposits and Payments: Every job situation requires a deposit, and if a bid, then 50% of the estimate, with the balance due upon completion “or” if working under weekly status, one-week’s time compensation equivalent as a deposit with installments toward fees and materials made each forty-hour increment, in advance. Short-term (max one week) projects may allow half that amount as a deposit. Both the presentations’ deposits are established to formally lock-in project dates and work commitments. The presentation and clearance of the deposit fee check (payable to Doug Danforth) constitutes acceptance of terms and permission to begin. Two hours of consultation are included with each project; if a consultation fee was received prior to an accepted job, the base consultation fee ($100) will be credited against the final fees due.

Project Changes: All changes resulting in additional time and/or materials (and approved with a client signature) resulting in a 20% or greater elevation of the original bid require adjusted terms and additional beginning deposit, otherwise any additional fee(s) will be assessed at final.

Cancellations/postponements: Any cancellation within 72 hours (three days) of calendar commencement date forfeits 50% of the deposit, or amount of fees and time invested in project preparation, whichever is greater. Postponed commencement dates will freeze deposits until a renewed starting date is set, and any compensatory fees accrued in the waiting period will be assessed.

Returned Checks: Any check returned as insufficient funds or other bank reason will require a $50 fee plus any residual losses to Doug Danforth Design, and legal fees if applicable. Checks and/or commitments extended with the intent of fraud will be pursued within the legal system.

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I humbly consider myself a 'provider of dreams,' one who might create in reality what was envisioned in the mind.

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