Consultation 5%: Time for communication of concept desires and foundation of project desired, working with the client outside time allocated for the basic project as represented by trips to material sources – i.e. flooring, lighting, rugs, cabinetry, appliance, furnishings etc. – 0r meetings with related professionals or sources of information related to project. Two hours of consultation is offered gratis with each block of work. Photographic representation (before pictures) of work is begun. 

Procurement 15%: Materials purchase/acquisition is the first line in this order, but is supplemented with work online on computer as well as research from other sources (library, public records, micro film etc). Reference materials, online links, other sources of materials/artisans/supplies, and visual and aural idea focus reference (magazines, radio bits, TV bits, specialty books/publications, newspaper articles/ads, CD/DVD/cassette promotions). Working along with other involved artisans/workmen (carpentry related—wall or doorway de-construction or reconstruction; large re-creations such as counters, soffets, niches, arches and other physical or Styrofoam cosmetic elements; flooring and floor refinishing, wall décor in paper or fabric, window/stained glass glazing, or other specialty installations; electronic installation etc).

Preparation 30%: Surface readiness, masking and surface protection, tarp/plastic sheeting and other coverings to related areas, prime paint/stain conditioning. The attention to construction formation/architectural alterations, specialty tool/specialty material readiness.  Access to work area (scaffolding, ladder, hoist, rigging) and set-up, acquisition of labor assistance, acquisition of specialty tools, and related surface readiness. Sheetrock/gypsum/plaster surface preparation or alteration. The attention to texturizing or the removal of texture (as with ceiling acoustical or other unwanted textures). Ventilation for temperature/humidity comfort and/or promotion of materials dryness.  Wood trim or wood surface repair/work foundation repair or reconstruction. Relocation or movement of related furnishings or architectural elements (shutters, handrails, moldings, shelving or other semi-permanent materials). Removal or relocation of electrical equipment such as ceiling fans, lighting, wall/ceiling mount televisions, stereo and entertainment center relocation, and kitchen or bath appliances; relocation of power sources/wires, telephone/computer relocation, and water source relocation (faucets, hose bibs, water source for refrigeration or cooling sources).

Foundation 25%: Work artistically performed that is crucial to the finished art-related work, yet not quite categorized as specialty painting/specialty work. Base color paint application, base texturizing, color selection and mixing, finish mixing and finish color preparation, masking and colorization of trim and related surfaces, lacquer or shellac application and other exotic/specialty base material application.

Finish 20%: Faux finish, fantasy finish, trompe l’oeuille painting, mural painting work. Glazing/wash/over-paint and other surface finish; Venetian plaster and other troweled or texturally worked surface finishes, metallic applications/burnishings, metal leafing or powders, lacquer and specialized work for semi-precious stone, vegetative or animal inspired re-creations.

Wrap 5%: Touch up, clean up, take-down of work access mechanicals and supplies. Final consult with client and punch list. Finish photography. Receipt of final compensation.

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