Sometimes you see it in your mind.  You know exactly what it is you want, but you can only say it looks like something about this high ... and sort of matches this, but has that ... but not quite.

We know what you mean. It could be a table, a cabinet, an art-piece for the wall, or a different type of wood grain on the trim.

Is the firebox opening all you have for a fireplace?  Is your flat screen sitting on a TV tray and you wish it could sink into the wall? Is the headboard in your bedroom something similar to what you had when you were fourteen? Does your dining room’s lack of any trim or molding make you want to eat out? There, you have an idea of the need we refer to.

Let us make it for you, or alter a piece you have, to create exactly what you saw in that corner of your mind. 

We want you to say ‘That’s it!





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