I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to visit my website and view my work. In addition, you’ve obviously looked about to find more information about my personal history, business workings and skill background. I hope I can give you all the information you need to make your choices.

My life pretty much revolves around the essence of creativity. It more or less is the consistent focus of all that I do, and is the foundational crux of a life-occupation choice for me. I have to makes things that are beautiful, emotional and substantial – all three together. I can’t not create. It has been my joy – and my curse – since I was very young.  Thankfully, I had parents who encouraged that flair, or at the least, endured it. Years ago I was punished for making my ‘creations’ on walls. Now it’s an income. Who knew?

My college degree choice began as art, but I bent to pressure in believing that there was no strong future in the art field alone, and ended with the bachelor degree category of Fine Arts. Over the last thirty-plus years, I have been greatly fortunate to have accomplished many things, traveled a great deal, and experienced a breathtakingly colorful array of life’s amazing challenges. And I’m not through yet!  All those past challenges and experiences have worked together to finesse my creative passions that I continually strive to perfect.

This website is a brief comprehensive of some of my work. I have more and more (and more) pictures available in the archive section, should you desire to see them. Although instrumental in conveying information, photos are somewhat akin to relatives’ vacation movies:  They give you the information, if you can endure the presentation. I appreciate that you wish to spend time flipping through these ‘pages’. My aim is to please the heart, mind, soul and eye.

To get an expanded perspective on my qualifications, as well as how I do business, please take a look my experience and business details section in this site. In the meantime, enjoy turning the next pages and get some ideas. 

Challenge yourself to discover thoughts and dreams of what you feel most passionate about, and we can work together to express them in your world. 

The realm of creativity apparently has its broad spectrum of outlets – some folks who are artistic in design also may have talent with music, demonstrated in voice or instruments; or with carpentry – making cabinetry or furniture; or fine art – producing paintings and sculpture. Which all are things I love to do, myself. But what currently has my creative attention is the realm of making tasty and healthy things to eat – using inventive foods, flavors and techniques. I’m building a web blog based on a book that I’m working toward getting published – so if you like, give it a look, even try some of the ideas, and let me know how it goes. I base it on the idea of taking what you know and creating from there, like playing an instrument by ear – I call it COOKiNG BY EAR! (click)

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My aim

is to please

the heart,

mind, soul

and eye.

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