For more than fifteen years of my life my artistic expression was in that of ‘drawing’. Yeah, that seems a far cry from the work I’m producing now. But wait.

For about five years, I illustrated books, pamphlets, and literature in both the English and French languages here and in Europe. I love pen and ink. Wonderful medium: Very clean, stark and a huge potential for almost anything expressive.

Another chunk of time was devoted to working for a solar energy firm, illustrating system installations – actual and future; describing and showing elevation views of different elements in the systems and the devices necessary to make them work, from heat exchangers to system pressure-relief valves. Are you getting bored yet? The saving grace was the fun in creating attention-getting advertising and ‘gift’ drawings: My boss regularly had me draw pictures illustrating various big red-letter days and odd events, or gift illustrations to workers and associates who had the misfortune to do something rather dumb in public.

Then for almost a decade I was involved with a silk-screen business making mostly tee shirts. I started out employed as a screen printer, then bought into that business with two friends and together we made some amazing creations, both for retail and for custom hire. I loved more than all else designing the kid’s wear. Call me simple-minded, but it is that simple way of thinking that makes a child’s perspective on the world something to pay very close attention to.

The evolution of my artistic life had a great beginning. The strong roots of my style and understanding of design and color were formed in these years. My schooling gave me a basis to work from, but this expansive variety of experiences formed the artist-guy I am today.

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