Education in the brick-covered halls is a wonderful thing. There are elements of learning that just can only be acquired through the absorbed elemental basics of knowledge, perspective and technique acquired from an experienced source. That is, being taught. Lessons are definitely part of what’s necessary in progressing from knowledge to wisdom.

Wisdom? Well, personally I define wisdom as knowledge applied well. Simply said – taking what you’ve learned and using it productively. I’ve unfortunately known individuals who had plenty of knowledge, but precious little wisdom.

Wisdom might be conceived in education, but it is born through experience.

Yes, I’ve had a formal college education proclaiming I’ve accomplished a basic understanding in the realm of art, color, design and technique. It was so long ago I can joke that it was another century, another hemline ... another lifetime. Well, almost.

Experience is what allows the making of good choices and (hopefully) avoiding the bad ones. Experience evolves resourcefulness, which can be translated as ‘problem solver’ and ‘thinking on one’s feet’. Experience allows for confrontation of different ideas and concepts without threat. Experience knows the practical end to a beginning.

Next to education, EXPERIENCE is a real attention getter – in my mind, a bit better. What you do with what you’ve learned is the difference between a good idea and a good creation.

Thanks for taking a look.

My Life in a Nutshell:

Artist for forty-five plus years

Initiated into the creative realm his very first year of school. Early primary education and community artistic recognitions brought mural projects, special display presentations, design and execution of society banners and holiday event creations, as well as fine art pieces and sculptures. And so it continues

Carpenter for thirty-plus years

Began as an apprentice cabinet maker, evolved to a larger scale of wood working; including framing, finish and other carpentry expressions

Faux finish experience for fifteen-plus years

Furniture making led to faux finish education with a master artisan who originally had commissioned him to construct furniture pieces for his studios to faux finish. Thus he was trained under apprenticeship in lacquers, veneers, metal leafing, faux wood and stone, faux techniques, molds, plastics and plasters.

Furniture design and construction for fifteen years

The love of furniture and furniture design is the basis for all the design elements coming together.

Faux stylization & technique instruction for eight years

Teaching by invitation at two educational facilities in San Antonio.

Silk-screen production for seven years

Bought into the business with friends who were very creative.  Color mix, spatial design, and base plotting were the crucible for a good production style.

Antiques restoration for five years

Making the repair appear as the rest of the piece in age and character was the most creative challenge

Offset printing/graphics art preparation artist for five years

Line drawing, illustration, color mix and copy blocking was an incredible education.

Corporate graphics artist for three years

The dedication and commitment required for creating system functions and project installation futures made for a solid artistic foundation.

Other Features of Note:

2003 current: Teaching faux finish, the Southwest School of Art and Craft, San Antonio.

2001 current: Teaching faux finish at NEISD continuing education.

2002 2010: Two-page color articles featuring faux finish and design at homes of clients. San Antonio Express News, ‘Spaces’ section, July 6, July 16 and August 3, 2002; July 16 2005; July 8 2006; May 6 2007; December 27, 2009; February 28, 2010.

1997 2005: Appearance on KMOL/WOAI Living morning show, five times.

2003: Appearance on Designing Texas with Jocelyn White, CBS, with two subsequent repeats.

1997: Work featured in Christmas issue, Southern Accents magazine, cover story (through company employed).

1992: Showed custom furniture piece at Highpoint, NC furniture show, Honorable mention, 1992.

1974 1975: Resided in Paris, France, 1974-75. Illustrated books and literature for international French language distribution.

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