Early man decorated the walls of his humble cave – and of his monumental pyramid. He labored to make images of beauty, power and emotion. He strove to find yet more colors and mediums to express his world and his life in a beautiful and personal way. It’s amazing that by modern standards we are still captivated by the sophisticated design found in such ancient creations. Good taste never goes out of style.  

I really can’t begin to explain our basic human need and desire to create a home, workplace or environment that intentionally reflects our personality and stimulates our senses. However, we all have experienced the effects of entering spaces that immediately evoke a visceral response, making us feel more relaxed, comfortable and welcomed. Or, the opposite. 

The reality is that there is a delicate emotional manipulation presented through a complex blend of color, pattern, textures, space and lighting.

Some artisans strive to make their ‘stamp’ on a project; to leave a signature, if you will, of their personal taste and involvement. The goal of Doug Danforth Design, however, is to endeavor to see into the heart and mind of the client, and do our ultimate best to create what the client has envisioned.

We wish for the finished product to be seen as yours.

Good taste


goes out

of style.

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