Ponds:  Construction and Maintenance

Carlos Flannery, Aquatic Escapes, San Antonio, TX



Ponds:  Information, Contacts and Socialization

South Texas Water Garden Club, San Antonio, TX


Austin Pond Society, Austin, TX



Ponds:  Equipment and Supplies

AZ Pond Supply, Online Sales


Water Garden Gems, San Antonio, TX


Nelson Water Gardens and Nursery, Katy, TX


Hill Country Water Gardens, Cedar Park, TX



Inspirational Garden Décor Sites to visit:

The Rock Garden, Ft. Collins, CO


Yardbirds Metal Sculptures, Louisville, KY


Geckostone Cast Tessellated Pavers, Volcano, HI


Inspirational Faux Artisans of Note:

Rik Lazenby,Faux finish artist, Birmingham, AL  

Jane Samuelson Wright, Faux finish artist and Frescos, San Antonio, TX


Sandra Lassley, Faux finish and Plasterwork artist, Omaha, NE

Istvan Torok, Faux finish and stencil, Tampa, FL  



Inspirational Artists of Note:

Luis Sottil Studio, Artist, Philanthropist, US/International


Allen Hughes, Photography, San Jose, CA


Adam Miller, Illustration artist, Muralist, Dracut, MA


Raymond Pilarzyck, Modern artist, San Antonio, TX


Another Doug Danforth Creative Outlet:

The realm of creativity apparently has its broad spectrum of outlets – some folks who are artistic in design also may have talent with music, demonstrated in voice or instruments; or with carpentry – making cabinetry or furniture; or fine art – producing paintings and sculpture.  Which all are things I love to do, myself.  But what currently has my creative attention is the realm of making tasty and healthy things to eat – using inventive foods, flavors and techniques.  I’m building a web blog based on a book that I’m working toward getting published – so if you like, give it a look, even try some of the ideas, and let me know how it goes.  I base it on the idea of taking what you know and creating from there, like playing an instrument by ear – I call it COOKiNG BY EAR!  (click)






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