The world of altered visuals, that’s me.  The top 1/32nd of an inch of the surface of walls and furniture are manipulated and – bingo! – the ol’ comfort-passion-psychology part of the brain gets a-buzzing right away. The connection between visual and emotion is incredibly dynamic, top of the list next to the sense of smell. 

Personally, I’ll prefer to stay with visual. Cave man really needed to have his existence maintained by remembering what was safe to eat or touch by using his sense of smell. But we’ve at least moved forward with our lives enough that foraging is no longer as tall a priority as it was. Now we can relax a bit more and enjoy looking around at our world, and actually take advantage of our ability to create our environment – finding refuge, solitude and ease in a world that folks like me can help create.

It seems like it must be a huge responsibility. Yup, it is.

I know you may feel overwhelmed at such a large selection of photos to view, but they aren’t there to confuse you but to help give you ideas of what you may, and may not desire. Also to show in some way I have some work familiarity under my belt, and can hopefully demonstrate a history of past successes.  When a client comes to me with clips from magazines and other design journals, I’m thrilled that homework is being done, and the expectations are clear. But you know, everyone isn’t that ready or certain of what they want – and I understand. That’s what I’m here for.

Enjoy yourself, see what your heart and mind find pleasing, what is close to what you had in mind, what could be right if another color, and go from there.

I’ll be here when you’re ready.


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