Commercial applications of design visuals usually bring a different expectation than of those found in homes. The commercial work would have more of a ‘how does it look?’ priority; with main considerations to lighting, longevity and looks – and installation that is safe, secure, expedient, and economical. Where with home visual pieces, the selections are more based on artistic merit, value and provenance. Usually.

Personally I’m finding that the two are becoming more and more mixed with the ultimate goal merging to become something of more the successful visual acceptance, beyond only the artistic historical and integral qualities.

The use of expanded styrene (Styrofoam), plasters, styrene resins with hardeners (Bondo and casting resins), latex forms and molds, fiberglass, papers and other manipulated cellulose fiber, and lightweight woods (balsa) and metals (aluminum) – is the most practical, long-lived, weight-conscious, and consequently affordable offering to arrive at something lovely, unique and unexpected for interior as well as exterior statement design.

With these magnificent products used as an option in design presentation, it is now possible to employ remarkable re-creations of wood, stone and metal accents – ideal not only for home use, but perfect for larger commercial-related spaces. Prime examples of this architectural expression are typically found in hotels (lobbies, dining rooms, suites, ballrooms and cocktail lounges), restaurants, great rooms, theatres, and bistros.


use of a compatible medium.

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