The magical aural and visual of falling water; those wiggling undulating luminescent orange, bronze and golden scaled creatures; dancing jewel-like sprays of fountains – the remarkable assortment of pond flora and fauna – all have become a fascination for me to endeavor to explore. 

The design and creation of water gardens; water features; and koi, goldfish and plant life ecosystems are not at all as difficult as one may consider. We have many water garden designs successfully constructed, working, and being delightfully enjoyed. We can design for you, and help you see this wonder come to life in your world. There are a multitude of reputable water-feature construction and pond maintenance companies easily available now. We’re happy to assist.

I see water gardens, or any kind of garden for that mater, as another ‘room’ – a place of refuge and relaxation; only the materials have changed – rocks, ferns and mosses have replaced ottomans, tables and rugs. I’d almost rather live in this rich sensual world than any other.



      EXTERIOR DESIGN: Water Gardens and Ponds
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